Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate – Review Battle

Today we will be taking a review of Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate. This company is based on affiliate networks and running your own website. They teach you how to make your website an email affiliation network, for them subscribing to your newsletters for free and then reeling them in with products you’re recommend in EACH email. They do have over 100 training videos for premium, with little to no help for the free members. Their only membership offers a 30-day first-month plan for $1, then it’ll go up to $67 if you don’t cancel it. Think of the Credit score people charging nothing for 7 days, then charging $100/month…It’ll surprise you if you don’t look into it. Either way I’ll be going in-depth for this review to give you the inside look on these “Money making helpers”.


This place offers a $1 membership for your first month, but don’t let that deceive you the price goes up to $70 after your first month, The free membership with these guys offers nothing and it’ll make you HAVE to swap to premium eventually to keep using them…trickery they have is strong.

Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


If you want a great free membership and a premium that won’t surprise you check out Wealthy Affiliate, they are amazing. Before we begin I’d like you to try them for free, no credit card required, free.

Any who let’s get on with reviewing:

Name: AffiloRama



  • Premium: $1 first/$67 after per month

  • FREE: $0

Rating: 73/100



Let’s start off with the basis of their free membership:

Their free membership only offers the month to read all the pages and look at the member forums. They have absolutely no way to make any money with their free membership which means they have to upsell you on their premium. If they can’t get you to purchase first month, there is no chance in hell they will get you for the $67 even if you didn’t want it.

Their premium packages:

There is only one premium package as you seen earlier in this article. These premium packages only include.

  • Video Training
  • Forums
  • Some ways to get affiliates
  • Better referral program

What they DO NOT TELL YOU:

They do NOT tell you that they have other products NOT included in their expensive premium membership, this is a type of UPSELL.

Here is the list of products they try selling you for $20-$300

The affilojetpack is their email program I mentioned earlier, What I didn’t realize is this is an extra purchase you need.

The Affilotools if what you need to make your website.

The Affiloblueprint product is just another plan for your website they give you for another purchase price.


Noticing a pattern here?

They sell you on the $1 premium, then make you pay $67 after that month, not to mention the products you’ll need to succeed with their program. You have so many upsells on this “free membership” they don’t mention any premium membership on the front few pages…This is not the best way they could go about it, but I do suppose saying $67/month+$300 in fees doesn’t sound the greatest.

The Forums

Their “Active” community isn’t very active, I looked at their earliest reply on their forums…7 HOURS ago. This…is discouraging. This means during the day or night no one is replying or helping each other out…

This was in their “Hangout” forum, this is the one where people just talk to eachother I’m guessing no one goes on here because theirs is absolutely no reason too. The worse part is…this is the only post I found that is less than 1 day…Others are a few months, so I’m being nice here.


Let me give them the benefit of the doubt though..

I’ll give it to them, they have the same system as most companies out there. They just charge more and are less active then the best one I’ve seen. I’d rather pay less and get more for my buck.


Now here are some pros and cons for you guys:


  • “free” membership
  • Affiliate program
  • Some training


  • Slow support
  • no community unless on slow forums
  • Cons you into buying premium
  • high price
  • Upsells on their products.
  • Need other products to become successful

My conclusion

These guys are one of those ones you want to stay away from even though it’s free. If you are wanting to be successful you are going to be dropping more money from the start then if you wanted to join a different program that includes it in a cheaper monthly cost.

I don’t personally recommend this to anyone starting out working online. I only would recommend this to people that have the money to spare and try new things.

Please proceed with caution and leave your personal experiences in the comments below. I’d like some feedback from you as my fans and would love to see what else you’d like in the articles I put here.

Down at the bottom of this article there will be a link to my Wealthy Affiliate Full Review which you can check against this one in spirit of the Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate – Review Battle.

Name: AffiloRama



  • Premium: $1 first/$67 after per month

  • FREE: $0

Rating: 73/100


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If you have any questions at all please do leave me a comment. I would appreciate it greatly. Just remember when you are well long your road to success that you do me a favor and pay it forward as well. Thank you and have a great day!


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22 thoughts on “Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate – Review Battle

  1. Hi Anthony, – I have not tried AffiloRama myself. But, thank you for the head’s up – You’ve provided an excellent review to help keep people away from scam sites!

    • Thank you for checking it out Toni! Affilorama is OK. They just have a lot more negatives then positives in my opinion. Wealthy Affiliate is the clear winner.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Your “Affilorama Vs Wealthy Affiliate – Review Battle” article is very thorough and full of useful information about this affilorama group. From what you’re telling me here I think I’ll stay away from them. Thanks

  3. I subscribed to the free membership of Affilorama a few months ago. Honestly, in fairness to Affilorama I admit I also learned some valuable lessons in their forums. Even their free book that was given after the free sign up was also useful for me and I still read it occassionally when I have time. However, the so-called Affilo-something packs just scared me off. I do not see the logic with the high prices at all.

    • Yea that’s the main thing Glen. They aren’t a scam and you can learn things from a lot of places around the net. There are some good places to go, some bad, and everything in between. I find Affilorama to be in the “in between” category which just isn’t good enough.

  4. Affilorama was something I looked at and as usually it doesn’t hold a light to the course offered by wealthy affiliate. Keep the reviews coming. Greg

    • Hello Greg, Thank you for the insight and for reading this review. Wealthy Affiliate does have a great community, training and website building help. I will most definitely keep the articles and reviews coming!

  5. Love the 30 “high quality” PLR articles. There is no such thing. Also Google doesn’t like duplicate content. A lot of people wind up rewriting PLR content anyway to avoid a duplication penalty. I’ve rewritten articles before. The effort is not worth it. You may as well just write your own original content.

  6. Hi, Anthony,

    A good review. Thanks for putting it together. It actually sounds like Affilorama is a young Wealthy Affiliate…just in their infancy stages, and trying to get subscribers. Their price point is way too high, IMO, though.

    Thanks again,

  7. nnGregrat Great work there Bro!!
    I tried Affilorama about two years ago by way of a friend. Going to tell him abou WA here real soon.
    Found a note book that I had taken notes with from Affilorama. Helped me here with WA.
    Nice meeting you bro.

  8. Thanks for that information! You did a very good job analyzing Affilorama. I’ll be steering away from these guys!

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