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The most essential thing you need in an online business is a website. A website is the way you make contact with the world. It is the portal through which you channel your passion and ideas into the world.

If you are just starting out in the scene or are on a very tight budget then you certainly do not want to throw a bunch of money at your project right way. It would seem the only solution for you is this: Building a website for FREE! I can and will show you where and how to get this done the best way available on the market right now.

What do you really need for your website creation?

The first thing you need to do when starting out is to pick your domain name. Although I don’t recommend spending countless hours picking just the right name because any domain name can and will reach the top of Google when the proper content is being created on it. You do however need to make sure your domain name is relevant to what your site is about. No brainer right?…right. You can get this competely free as I will tell you how later but if you wish to buy your own they are pretty cheap at roughly $10.69 per year and I suggest a company called Namecheap for this. (>>>Check out my Namecheap Full Review here<<<)

This is the part in the article where to take a break to look at a cute kitten.


Cute kitten wants you to succeed. Alright now back to business!

Next you need the software to create the actual content that is going on your site. Where will you get this from? I will explain this later in the article. A keyword research tool is also vital to help maximize the SEO of your site. I recommend a company named Jaaxy for this and will provide a link to my full review about them. (>>>Jaaxy Full Review<<<)  And lastly you will need somewhere to host, or store your website and many times these things will all add up to a costly bill.

Is anything really free?

Well I suppose this question is loaded isn’t it? ha!…anyways. There are actually many ways of building a cheap or free website yourself but if you have little or no experience how can you hope to make it a good site that you would be proud of representing your business.

The only real expense, which I prefer to refer to as investment, is the investment of time you should dedicate towards the creation of the website.

Use a state of the art platform I highly recommend – for your very own 100% free website!

The platform I am talking about can be found through my friends at Wealthy Affiliate. I am personally a proud member of their community.

Over at Wealthy Affiliate they offer the starter memberships 2 free website’s and hosting. Also included is a wealth of information, classes and one of the best communities in the online world. They will teach you how to build a website for free and make money from it.(>>>Check out my Wealthy Affiliate FULL REVIEW here to learn more<<<)

As you are building your website you will want to look into learning about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I have a post about it here at Online Business Pioneer.

If you have any questions at all please do leave me a comment. I would appreciate it greatly. Just remember when you are well long your road to success that you do me a favor and pay it forward as well. Thank you and have a great day!


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6 thoughts on “Building a website for free

  1. Great explanation. I am already a member at Wealthy affiliate and can not agree with you more that it is the best place to go to start your own online business. You can learn everything from scratch.

  2. Hey Anthony

    Sometimes people tend to think of hosting, building a website and etc as costs but looking at it as a business, it would truly is a business investment. Like what you have mentioned, what is a better way way to start off in this business with 2 free websites. It was the exact same way I started when I first found out about Wealthy Affiliate.

    And yes, it is really free!


  3. Great website Anthony. Very encouraging, informative and inviting. Love the Cute Kitty and would do anything she said. Good follow through on where to sign up for the FREE website.

    You are doing great.

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