Cashback Research Review


In my CashBack Research review we will go over their website that is designed to make money off it’s users that will do all the surveys and offers that their company is partnered with. Out of the CashBack Research Reviews out there I am glad you have chosen mine. Let us continue.

The way you get paid is based upon what they make off the surveys and offers. If they get paid $20 per person they are going to pay you anywhere from $5-18 depending on what they think is fair or how much profit they’d rather keep. Generally, these types of websites will pay you more so their members will do more surveys and therefore stay longer and add to the productivity. If they only paid you half of what they got they’d have less people doing the surveys and offers.

When you sign up for these types of websites, you generally have a cash payout threshold which basically makes you do some tasks for the website to get your account setup to make sure you will be getting paid for the correct surveys they need you to do. Think of them as an insurance company making sure you are getting the right type of coverage. If you rarely drive, they’d prefer to give you less coverage.

Name: Cashback Research
Type Of Website: Survey for Cash
Upsells: None
Rating: 64/100

Cashback Research Review

What is CashBack Research all about?

Cashback research is a website designed to make you do surveys and offers for cash. If done correctly you will earn some money to cash out via Paypal or checks. You will need to answer all surveys honestly You will be doing surveys and/or offers in order to gain enough cash to make a small side cash off of it. These websites are no replacement for a job, unless you stack a few of them together.

 Cashback Research Short Review:

Basically, you will be merely doing surveys and offers for cash. You will have checklists and daily to-dos in order to receive any type of income off Cash Research surveys. They have a system that will check for completion of any offer and survey you finish. Most of the surveys have a geographical preference and can only be completed by certain users. Certain countries will make little to nothing as the USA is one of the highest sought after geographical area.

Cashback Research Reviews

What tools does Cashback Research offer me?

They offer you the ability to join other panels if you cannot find any surveys left on their website. This ensures you to gain a cash flow other than just through them. They, of course, receive a commission from these companies as per their referral programs. I’ve seen all these websites before through my time searching for money making methods online.

The metals they give out. If you do 10 surveys after you first sign up, you will get more cash per survey or offer. This means you can gain a few pennies more for the same amount of time you’ve spent on the same surveys.

They also show you where your earnings are coming from and how much you’ve earned in a neat little hidden panel(It’s hidden at the bottom of the page)

How great is Cashback research’s Support?

CashBack Research’s support is fairly decent as they only have a submit ticket option and frequently asked questions portion with a huge database of questions that have been asked a ton of times(with answers).

They offer a phone number on their front page which is not found after you have logged in. So, I suggest saving this number if you choose to join their program.

Earning Potential of Cashback Research

The earning potential of Cashback research is slim if you are in non-USA geographical location. Then again, the value of the US dollar is higher than most countries. One thing you need to look out for is the fact they offer you to sign up for a list of other survey panels. They then give you $10 just to sign up for those panels, I’d suggest JUST signing up for those other panels to gain extra cash. You may also just stay purely with their surveys after finishing that panel list.

Earning potential with JUST their website: $5/hour

Earning Potential after tasks and lists: $12/Hour

Once again, this website seems more of a gateway website to the bigger survey panels and websites that are currently out there. You’d be wise to sign up for every panel as you only have so many surveys per day you can complete per panel website you join. IF done correctly you can earn a full-time living pay. I’ve seen people actually earn a living with these types of companies, but they can sit down and work for hours on end completing every daily survey over and over on each panel they have joined, which could be around 50 panels.

Think of each panel being another part-time job as your own personal website being a full-time job. You’d prefer to only work one job correct?

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This type of website personally isn’t for me, but that’s because I’d prefer a full-time job at home that I have to post and look at daily, once again the surveys could be for you though.

Pros and Cons of CashBack research


  • Unlimited earning potential if done correctly
  • 3-ways of supports
  • Earn off coupons
  • In-depth frequently asked questions


  • It’s a gateway panel
  • Hidden ways to find payment options
  • Call Center support only shown on front page.
  • Small task daily task list.
  • Unknown options for new ways to earn

My Final Verdict of CashBack Research Survey Reward Website

In all my honesty, I’ve never liked these type of websites, due to me just not wanting to do different types of work every few minutes. If this was a single survey that repeated itself I’d prefer it, but that is not an option with a survey panel website. These companies have put a nail in the ground on how they operate and do actually pay out for the most of them. CashBack Research offers a higher task list bonus than most websites, but due to them being a gateway website without as many panels as the bigger names such as Inbox dollars, they need to refer you to them. They also have a higher than average payout threshold. They offer you bonus’ that give you around $20 for just simple tasks, but their cashout threshold is $30, you would be waiting a while to get to that cashback threshold if you did not do the correct surveys afterwords.

Final final verdict: Safe to use, not a scam, but be wary of hidden ways to hurt your cashing out goal.

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6 thoughts on “Cashback Research Review

  1. Do they have a history of paying their customers? Sorry if you mentioned this, but I didn’t see this in your review. I ask because some websites like this don’t pay out, even if you reach the minimum amount for payout.

    • Hello Kinya! Thank you for reading my review on Cashback Research. From what I know these guys do pay out. Sometimes not exactly in the most timely fasion but they are not a scam site. Take care and look out for upcoming reviews and articles about websites, business and internet marketing.

  2. Hi Anthony, I have joined survey panels in the past but have never heard of a gateway company to these panels. Surely it would be better to join the panels that you want to without having to go through the gateway?

    As you also mentioned, it is not a great or quick way of earning money online and can take up hours of your time each day. You could not even take a day or week off for a vacation because that would put you right back at the beginning of having to build up your commissions again.

    They are not scams, but I would not join them again. Too much hard work for very little return.

    All the best.

    • Thank you so much for weighing in on this topic Lis. You are right it is way too much work for the value you receive in return. There are many other ways of earning an income. Of course I recommend building your own business up the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches. For how cheap (or free) it is to get into and the value and income you can generate out of it in the long run there really aren’t any better options.

  3. Hey Anthony – thanks for the detailed Cashback Research review.

    I hadn’t heard of this one but I have tried some survey stuff. But didn’t last more than a few weeks. It was a lot of work for tiny returns. I found filling out surveys to be an incredibly arduous task too.

    1 hour of doing them felt like 4 hours and I was only able to generate $4-$5 per hour. I might have put up with it for longer if it was able to generate $20-$30 per hour but it was never getting to that point.

    • Hello Nate! Thanks for your insight on this matter. I agree with you it is extremely boring and there are plenty of ways to make much more money then $4 an hour.

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