Does Magic Submitter Still Work? – Will It Bring More Traffic To My Website?

Today we will talk about Magic Submitter. Mainly we will be reviewing this program in demand with wanting to know if it still works for websites. So does Magic Submitter still work? Is it dead? Will it bring me traffic still? Is it an amazing SEO robot? You will find out all these fun little facts within this article. I will be reviewing Magic Submitter Services and the program in its entirety.

Check out my Magic Submitter Review below:


Name: Magic submitter


Price: $4.95 first month then $67/month after

Rating: 68/100


Does Magic Submitter really still work?

At first glance, I wanted to double check on some of the “customer” reviews.Does Magic Submitter Still Work

So I went and checked. These reviews are mostly paid reviews yes, but that’s not all! Most of these reviews are real customers that just got paid extra for doing it in a professional manner so don’t worry about them there. I’ve met some friends that don’t recommend going after the first month, but is certainly worth the first month of membership.

Verdict here is: It still works.

Remember with all things I say, you have to take them in a certain way. You never want to read one part of my reviews due to you missing the big picture. You may see that it still works, go sign up, come back and tell me “Hey Anthony this program sucks”. It’s because you fully didn’t see what I wrote!

Support by Proxy.

I have no clue why I put the title like that on this section…Was feeling retro. Either way let’s get to this portion of our review. The support of this program I’ll personally give a 7/10 just because they give unlimited lifetime updates with your subscription. So this means monthly they update the program to make it a tad bit better. They have live help desk support so you should be able to contact them all the time.

There is a forum that is semi-active that you can all chat with other people that are learning with you at the same rate most likely. So yes some community there as well.



Well, my friend, it does the following:

  • It’ll submit your content to multiple places: Blogs/forums and such.
  • It’ll spam create account for you and spam forums and blogs.
  • Submit backlinks.
  • rewrite some of your blogs for 100% unique(rephrasing)
  • Ping and bookmark your links
  • “other things”- IE: Normal basic stuff you can do.

magic submitter review

Now I’m not saying it’s great, but it could be worth that $4.95.

Now listen closely, it will NOT make your website ranked #1 on google overnight. It could help your website slightly more then you NOT doing anything.


Let’s give a little evil and good qualities of this product(pros and cons)


  • $4.95 is inexpensive
  • Automatically submits your website
  • Provides back links
  • Does reword articles
  • Mostly automatic program


  • Not worth the $67 afterwords
  • Makes you the “spammer” on every forum
  • Makes the people on forums/blogs that SEE your website, not want it
  • Most blogs have anti-spam filters
  • Most forums have anti-spam filters
  • Doesn’t teach you much in the training videos.

Make sure to check out this page for tools to help your business such as building this PC under $500. Everyone needs a good computer to help you build your blog and a machine like this paired up with magic submitter should do the trick.

Base Conclusion of

I would only personally pay the first month “Sale” and get everything you need done within that month with their tools, then cancel after the first month. The customer reviews are semi-real and feel genuine.

You will become those the guy you see on your website trying to post spam comments or forum posts. You generally see them saying “ #1 YEA Come VISIT YEA” and is spammed 3 times in each of your posts. Now does magic submitter still work for most? Yes, this program does what it is designed to DO.

It is designed to get your website name out there for search engines to see it and say “hey people may actually be talking about this place, let’s profit”

FINAL VERDICT: If you decide to use Magic Submitter try it for the first month, Not worth using thereafter unless you SEE yours doing better 10 fold.

Name: Magic submitter


Price: $4.95 first month then $67/month after

Rating: 68/100


I personally wouldn’t use this program because there is the chance with things like this to backfire on you. Sometimes Google, Bing, Youtube and Yahoo will actually discredit your site if they can’t tell that your submissions and backlinks are not 100% genuine. Sometimes this sort of thing can help rank it higher and actually have a positive effect. The gamble is up to you.

You may click here to check out Magic Submitter for yourself!

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  1. Great review. This is exactly what i was reading on moz a few days back. Google can sometimes pick up on such trends and it can even lead to a black listing of your site.

    • Right Adam and the last thing you would want when you put a lot of time into your work is to have it Black listed by the #1 Search Engine. Thanks for your input.

  2. This is a great website I learned a lot just by visiting your site and got quite a few more ideas which is been, rarely lately. This is definitely a site I recommend to people that I know and thank you for checking out my site and giving some tips.

  3. Excellent article, it tells the reader exactly what they need to know and puts no pressure on them. Good to know about the monthly payments going up so much, to me it looks very expensive for what you get.

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