How to Create a Website for Free and Easy

How to Create a Website for Free and Easy

It can be hard to find a nice, easy and free way to acquire your very own website. In my experience I have seen the right ways to go about doing this and the absolute fail ways.

I know many people looking for a free website may be new to the idea and could highly benefit from some training and would greatly appreciate someway or someone to help them along the way.

In this article I am not only going to share with you my knowledge on how to create a website for free and easy but I will also show you step by step how simple this can be. If you do happen to have some experience then I can point you right now in the exact direction to go for your free website right below. If not we can continue on…

Just type in your desired url name and press “Build it Now”

Alright now if you were interested in finding some training to go along with a free website then I can explain that in greater detail now.

So you are going to get a free website…great right? But how do you pull this off? Well let me tell you now you will actually be building the websites yourself. If you are skeptical do not be afraid because like I said before you will receive the training and help you need to pull this off and ACTUALLY it is possible to build a website in 30 seconds or less.

What are you waiting for? Get started NOW! Click the picture link below to go strait to Wealthy Affiliate (my secret to success) and start your own free website.

how to create a website for free and easy

Wealthy Affiliate makes it super easy for you to build a website with their aid. The platform you will be using to build the website is WordPress which I find extremely easy to use. You actually will receive two (2) free websites with your starter membership and all that is required is for you to type in your email and name once your on their site to gain your membership.

If you have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate they are the best resource available on the market today for website building, refining and internet marketing. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate FULL Review here if you would like a little more information about them.

What is included in the training?

starter lessons

As you can see the first couple lessons are quickly prepping you for the actual website creation process. The middle ones will walk you through the actual building of the website and the last few are to help you build out the content on the site as well as optimizing and making sure you are creating quality content going forward.

All of this for the low low price of… free. Ya that’s right $0 to try ain’t a bad deal is it? I thought not my self and from my own experience I can honestly say that it is really a no brainer to build and take the free training from Wealthy Affiliate.

You may or may not have thought about this yet but there is actually much much more possible.

I am not going to lie to you. Wealthy Affiliate also has a paid membership they refer to as their Premium Membership. It is $19 for the first month and then $47 per month after, or $359 for the entire year if you wish to prepay. Now if you are like me you will get through the starter courses hungry for more. At this point it is completely optional to you but you may want to look into upgrading. You are not required to however, you may keep your free websites and starter membership forever if you so choose.

The great thing about the Premium Membership is that it expands upon the training by multitudes. There are many more intermediate and advanced courses, video training, and whole classrooms dedicated to helping you build your website and actually make money with it. As well as the training there is also one of the greatest communities on the internet at Wealthy Affiliate full of people who are experienced and willing to help if only just to pay it forward.

Sign up for your starter membership 100% FREE you will be able to have your website up in no time!

That wraps it up for this edition folks. Like I always tell people, go ahead and sign up for the free starter membership and try everything out. I know you will love it and there is really no down side there for you.

If you have a moment I would love if you could drop a comment below and let me know what you thought of this post or the website itself here or if you just want to say hello that is great too! Tweet, Like, Share and +1 helps greatly as well. These links are at the top of the article.

Just remember when you are well along your road to success that you do me a favor and pay it forward as well. Thank you and have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “How to Create a Website for Free and Easy

  1. I really Love this WebSite. You have done a super job here. You are one of the individuals that Make Wealth Affiliates Work. See You at The Top

  2. Great post, never knew how easy it is to build my own website and i can get access to all that training for free, WOW I’m heading over there now to check it out, thanks for this Antony.

  3. Great post Anthony! Creating a website is not something scary today and Wealthy Affiliate does really help in this a lot. The bast part of it is that the process is very simplified and once you create your free starter account, you can build 2 free websites and keep them as long as you want. This is something anyone looking for a make money program online can hardly find somewhere else + excellent training and supreme support. This is something I know from my own experience

    • Rufat good to see you again! I know from my own experiences I had no idea how easy it really was to make my own website let alone that I could do it for free to start out as well. I had my mind blown when I finally found Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again for your input.

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