How To Get Ranked On Google – Expand Your Exposure


Why does everyone want to get ranked on Google? The answer is quite simple. Google is by far the largest search engine in the world and since there are 2 billion internet users world wide they currently hold stake to a claim of over 60% of that. Now I don’t know about you but to me this is a HUGE… to put it in perspective through Google you have access to the largest market available today.

How To Get Ranked On Google

If you are not sure exactly how to get ranked on Google or even what it means that is OK. I would personally love to show you exactly how this works in a simple but in depth way. Also I will reveal my own methods of achieving better rankings within Google’s system and the secret to where I learned how to do this.

Basically what is going on behind the scenes is Google is constantly scouring the internet for information on websites and articles written along with videos and anything else you could think of really. Then they do their best to compile the information and decide which information is most relevant and has the highest quality. Also know as a ranking system.

I want to know how to get ranked on Google?

The first and most important thing I want to do is warn you about the methods commonly put into practice by the general scammer populus that is haunting the internet these days. There are tons and tons of these and most likely if you have spent anytime at all on the internet you have run into these wrong practices.

Google signThe methods I speak of typically consist of “ways to get ranked with Google fast”. Don’t get me wrong a lot of them worked greatly before Google updated their algorithm these last few times. Now days, after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, a lot of the known methods for achieving Google rankings were swept away with the rest of the garbage.

Probably one of the largest parts of this was the infamous “backlinking” methods of the past. You are going to want to avoid this one big time as it actually can lead to Google ranking you lower if done incorrectly. Basically a back link is another site, post, blog, would have a link on it pointing back to your site. In the days of old the more of these you had the better your Google and Alexa Ranking would be.

You of course would want to do this because the higher those rankings are the more traffic your website gets. The more traffic your website receives, then the larger opportunity to monetize those visits. But these days you want to make sure you have your social media sites in place and other then that you want to make sure you are achieving those backlinks in a real and genuine way such as another blogger or news site choosing to link to your site because they believe you have written a certain article of great value to them and their readers.

What kind of products should I stay away from to make sure Google doesn’t write me off and send me to a lower rank then I deserve?

As far as backlinking goes there are many services and submitters out there promising thousands of backlinks in one day and overnight Google Rankings. This is simply just not true so stay away from them.


There are many other products and services out there to just simply stay away from that I will list some but I will not be going real in depth with them as I will cover them more deeply in another article coming up. Although a lot of these services may no be deemed as “Black Hat” or illegal they may still put your website in a negative spin in the eyes of Google.

So other then my main one, mass backlinking, you will also want to veer away from traffic generation services, peer-to-peer automated website visit exchanges and ANY other product lying to you about producing awesome results that will make you money and get you higher rankings in Google overnight.

So… here is how to get ranked on Google the correct and LEGIT way

Remember if you are building a business online and own a website that you have poured countless time into the last thing you want to do is throw all that hard work away on some smoke and mirrors. What you DO want to do is work steadily on your website, put the time and effort in that is needed to succeed and also do everything in a genuine manner. We are trying to project class through our business whether it is to our respective audience or to Google and other search engines. I will outline the top three things you can do to help get ranked on Google.

google ranks


The first thing I recommend you do and the easiest, now many of you may have already done this so bear with me, is to add your website to ALL of your social media accounts. I am talking, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pintrest, Google + the list goes on and on and on. Remember these will all be, thats right!, “backlinks” to your website and legitimate ones.

It certainly is very easy to do and I feel like Google Plus is one that is very important because anything you can do within Google’s own system to kind of throw your hand up and say look at me look at me will help you get noticed faster.


The second thing you must do is to go over to Google Webmaster Tools site and sign up if you haven’t done so already. Once your account is setup you are going to submit your URL to them through that site. Then go to your website, create a sitemap and then submit that sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. It sounds complicated but it isn’t and they have a tutorial on how exactly to achieve this.

Again you not only want to tell another one of Google’s services your website exists but once you submit the sitemap Google will have an easier time crawling your site and indexing your pages and posts in the future will be more efficient as well.

If you haven’t joined Wealthy Affiliate yet I highly recommend you do as it is free. If you are a premium member there is video training on Webmaster Tools and training on thousands of other topics related to websites, online business and internet marketing. Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate now for free all that is needed is an email address.

get started wealthy affiliate


Lastly and the most important thing to get your site ranked within Google as well as the other search engines is simple. You need to create quality content day in and day out. What I mean by this is every single article you write or page you post to your website can be up to thousands of keywords and phrases all being eventually indexed and ranked into Google’s system.

It is important that you do this on a regular basis. The search engines like to see a website that is active and alive. By being active alone you are separating yourself and your site out ahead of tens of thousands of sites that simply aren’t trying as hard as you will be. If you do not have the time to muster out content every single day then I suggest you get at least 3 articles out a week if you want to have a serious go at it. After 6 months you will gain a noticeable amount of traffic compared to when you start and at 12 months there could be hundreds or thousands of views per day on your site if done right.

The secret to success: Hard Work, Good Help and the Proper Training

I know it is not easy to hear that there are no longer short cuts available to boost ranking faster. In our internet driven society we are used to instant gratification and in return seek out methods of achieving this for our websites as well.

This is good news though because everybody was using those crappy products and services so no one really had a big edge up on the competition. Why is this good new for us? Well that is because all the people who wanted to cheat and take short cuts will not be on our same level. They wont be trying as hard as us to put in the actual work it takes to achieve success and we will reap the rewards.


I hope you have enjoyed my post about how to get ranked on Google. The noble and just route is always the best traveled when dealing with other people and your own website. Remember that… and you can never go wrong.

There will be plenty of articles and reviews around my site to get you started but I recommend you first check out my review about a product that has been my personal secret to success in the online market.

 Anthony’s Secret

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26 thoughts on “How To Get Ranked On Google – Expand Your Exposure

  1. Very nice job explaining how to get ranked on google. I have found that patience and adding content works real well. I agree with what you said above. So if anyone gets discouraged just keep plugging away and it will happen in fact it will happen all of a sudden for you like it did me!!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jim you are right people shouldn’t get discouraged if they don’t see results because it does take some time to achieve success. This is where the strong will rise to the top 🙂

    • Hello and thank you for reading my article I hope I was able to help. Hard work is the best foundation. There are small and important things you can do in between all the quality content creation all of which is taught by the best in the business: Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. I have only begun to get involved with websites and I’ve heard a lot of stuff about backilinks and other fancy methods of getting ranked. However, I agree with the Anthony – Good content is where it’s at. Put it in and you’ll get it out

  3. Anthony, thanks for the info on how to get ranked on google. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to hard work. Everyday an online entrepreneur should be adding quality content to his site. Thanks Again.

  4. Right on Anthony.

    Google has hordes of experts working on their system to identify quality content. If anyone thinks they are going to game that system, they need to be way smarter than the sharpest minds in the world to pull it off. The bottom line is to create quality content and share it far and wide.

    Given that Google has digitized thousands of books, I suspect they are analyzing those books as examples of quality content and will, if they haven’t already, use that information to compare to website content.

    To expand on my theory a bit . . . a typical book might have the chapter title on every page. The parallel would be your company name on every web page. If I were Google, I’d downgrade any website that mentioned its own name more than say an average of 1.1 times per page across the site.

    That’s just a simple example – there are lots of ways a computer system could be used to weed out poor content including spelling, punctuation, run on sentences, too much repetition (as in trying to cram in key words) and much more. May the best content win! Keep up the good work.


    • Very interesting theory Jerry I think you could certainly be on to something. As the big G (google) keeps on changing and expanding the algorithm and way of doing things we will all have to stay on top of our own content creation methods. I really appreciate you angle on things Jerry. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for showing me how to get ranked in Google. There are many scammers claiming to get you ranked in SEO overnight but we all know that comes with hard work. Wonderful post and I will share with social media.

  6. I am having difficulty accessing my homepage text on wordpress. I cannot find anything on the customisation to help me. This article is very useful and I have bookmarked it to come back to once I have figured this out.

  7. Hi Anthony,

    What a Great Site! Lots of Great Information here! I have bookmarked your site and will be back. Thanks for all the Tips!


  8. Great post! There is such a lot of confusion surrounding ‘getting ranked’ and you’ve done a very good job outlining some of the most key components.

    Take care,

    • Thanks Sean! I am glad I could help. Another thing that helps me with my content creation is a keyword research tool named Jaaxy. I have a review you can check out here. It is definitely the best I have used.

  9. HI thanks for the tips, what if you don’t have social media sites? or any friends to add on them? Internet is new for me, when I found WA, I am building my website and building up google+ WA friends, but thats all.

    • Hello Alison I highly recommend getting into the social media sites even if you don’t have friends that you know in person to add. You can gain online friends and the social sites are way too powerful to overlook. Take care!

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