How To Get Your Website Indexed With Google – Increase Your Organic Views

How To Get Your Website Indexed With Google

If there is one thing all of us website owners want then it is obviously more traffic or views to our website. No matter what niche you are into you and your website can always benefit from additional exposure. With Google now claiming well over 60% of all search traffic your first focus will be wanting to get on their radar. In this article I am going to show you how to get your website indexed with Google.

Let us first start off with the basics

If you have just started your website then you are going to want to build a good base amount of content. Get your framework ideas going and then branch your tree out from there. I suggest coming up with at least 3 core ideas, making them as your anchor pages and build off of them in the form of articles. You want to have 5-10 articles for each of your core ideas and keep expanding from there.

Doing this will get you to the point where your website is starting to look more established. Google certainly takes websites more seriously as authority sites the more active your website is and the more quality content you have.

The best thing you can do for your website is to create unique high quality content on a regular basis. Not only does doing this look better in the eyes of Google but also, every time you publish something to your site you will be increasing the chances of Google ranking one of your keywords.

It is important to go after easy “low hanging fruit” type keywords in the beginning and if you want more information on keywords I have an article describing it in more detail here.

Submitting a sitemap to Google is another thing to do on the priority list

Alright, now you likely have a website up and running and a good amount of content added to it. What is next on the agenda? I suggest you now submit a sitemap to Google.

I will clarify what this does before we get into exactly how to go about doing it. When you submit a sitemap you are basically showing Google how to more efficiently read or crawl your website. This could not only help your rankings within Google but it also helps your pages and articles get indexed faster and more efficiently which is time and money to you.

Go over to Google Webmaster Tools and sign up for your account. Once you have it you then need to add your URL to your account. Next create a sitemap and on the left hand side, within Webmaster Tools, click crawl and then sitemaps. On that page there will be a red button at the top right of the page that says “Add/Test Sitemaps” and now simply click that button and add your sitemap.

I can not stress how important this is to do. Once I did it my pages and articles were getting recognized by Google much faster and there is no reason you should not do it since it is so free and easy.

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12 thoughts on “How To Get Your Website Indexed With Google – Increase Your Organic Views

  1. I am still getting to grips with keyword density but I have found google webmaster tools a very useful piece of kit and cannot believe it is free. I certainly agree that we should all use it to our advantage. Do you have any other tips to get organic searches?

    • Hello Vanessa. Google Webmaster Tools is extremely useful you are correct. You can optimize your articles for the search engines as well. I will be writing an article about that soon. Thank you for reading!

  2. Thanks for the info – I think that’s a great suggestion about how to organize your site with the anchor pages. I think for a lot of us, driving organic traffic to our sites is one of the toughest concepts to get a grasp on. Good stuff.


    • You’re welcome Don! Glad to help. Organic traffic is that sort of “mythical” creature we are all trying to capture but it isn’t impossible. If you do this for long enough and at a high quality Google will recognize your site and you will have an easier and easier time reaching the top.

  3. Hi, I like your idea of creating 3 core ideas and building your artcles and expanding from there. Google as far as I can figure is tricky enough when it comes to trying to understanding exactly what it is that gets you ranked. I know there’s keywords and this and that, but ultimately I believe it is about content – quality content. You can’t ignore the other stuff – but as you say – if you can ceate 3 core ideas and build articles (that incorporate keywords) then you are on the right road.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am trying to put out useful tips to help others with their sites as well because I love seeing other’s succeed. Content is king in 2015! 🙂

  4. Hi Anthony, great info you have here. Thank you very much especially on the info on Google Webmaster Tool. Now I know that I need to submit my site to Google for them to index. I’m grateful to you on that.


    • dlansing I am glad my article was of use to you. Thank you for checking it out and stay posted for more in the future. Here is another post on SEO that may be helpful in ranking your articles.

  5. Hi Anthony,
    Good information on How To Get Your Website Indexed With Google. The webmaster tools are definitely an important part of building your site. I think Google analytics will help also. Do you use it as well?

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