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An old wise lady (I’m not even kidding this is a true story) once reached into her purse and pulled out a gangster roll of hundreds, peeled one off and proceeded to hand me one just because I had stopped and talked with her for a minute and according to her that made her day. She enjoyed the conversation and thought it kind of me to take the time to talk with her and was just trying to be nice. I did the natural thing anyone would do and put my hands up and said there’s no way I could take the money. I didn’t take it but that isn’t my point to this story, my point is what she said after and it was very simple but definitely applies here and has always stuck with me. She said “Well… why not? Do you have too much money?” and then just stared at me puzzled.

Do you have too much money?

Luckily enough for the lady in my story above.. she did have too much money apparently. The answer 99 times out of 100 however is a resounding no. I still don’t have too much money and I assume since you are here neither do you. And let me tell you now that is OK. You have come to the right place and we will work on that together.

Around my site you will find articles on how you can make money online through your website. There are many ways, let me list a few for you…

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Clickbank
  • Shareasale
  • Product Review
  • Website creation
  • Content Creation

Another great resource on how to make money online is my friends over at Wealthy Affiliate. I am a proud member of their community which is 100% free to join and would recommend anyone to go take a look and give it a try. Kyle and Carson put together an extremely successful playbook for success that anyone from novice to expert could benefit from. (>>>Check out my full review here<<<). You will likely find that the community alone is worth joining up.

If you have any questions at all please do leave me a comment. I would appreciate it greatly. Just remember when you are well long your road to success that you do me a favor and pay it forward as well. Thank you and have a great day!


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10 thoughts on “How to make money online

  1. Very nice story about the elderly Woman that had too much money. Got my attention, and I agree Most would not be online looking for ways to make money if that already had too much. Nice Job!

  2. I LOVE your story. It’s so true! You have such a natural way of story telling and writing and it really makes your point more clearer. And you have a great way of building rapport with your reader too. Love it! Great job 🙂

  3. This is a story with an excellent point. So many of us defer taking money because of being polite or not wanting to seem greedy. That is such a fence to be sitting on. In the universal energy sense (Law of Attraction), to refuse a simple gift of money is to energetically turn money away. The universe then thinks that you don’t want any money. And yet the question poses, “Is this a test of my character that my kindness is not for sale? Yet that interpretation is a judgement. Which doesn’t help us learn to bring money into our lives either. Is it possible to see the Lady’s offered gift as a random act of kindness on her part, (as was your taking the time to talk to her), just accept her gift and say “thank you”? This is a deep story Anthony, with many lessons inter-twined. Thanks for sharing.

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