Is Google Sniper By George Brown A Scam?


If you don’t know what Google Sniper is that is OK. You may be thinking what is Google Sniper about? Or is google sniper by george brown a scam? If you are a person who has tried making money online before then you may have run into this product before. At any rate Google Sniper is a paid guide that teaches the ins and outs of using a system to generate an income online using various Internet Marketing techniques and secrets that owner George Brown reveals within the training. Read on to get the full scope of things as I review Google Sniper.

Google Sniper


Cost: $47/month

Rating: 82/100


Is Google Sniper a Scam?

Here is the thing… I do not believe it to be an actual scam. There are good things about it  and less optimal things as well if you do not know what you are looking for. Yes you can learn valuable things about the Internet Marketing world of making money. No there is not anything divinely unique you will learn that will have you making thousands every day right off the bat like you are lead to believe. What you get for your $47 a month with Google Sniper is training video’s and an e-book teaching you how to make money online.

The founder George Brown goes on in this video below (click the picture or this link if you want to watch it for yourself) about how if you join Google Sniper you will be let into his world and taught all of his trade secrets and everything you need to know to become an internet millionaire just like him. I have to admit he is very convincing when you listen to him. He is a good salesman and for many the potential to make $2,556.80 each day would be a life changer for pretty much anyone visiting his website.

Is Google Sniper By George Brown A Scam

What exactly is the process used to generate this possible success?

George will teach you about building small sub-par quality websites that are targeting “low hanging fruit” keywords to drive lots of traffic to your website and then monetizing your site through affiliate marketing.

A lot of the exact methods are good and used widely among the internet/affiliate marketing community but you may find a lot of them to be out dated as well because of how long it takes him to upgrade his material.

Slow updates… what do you mean?

So far Google Sniper has had a few versions throughout the years. This is because the content will grow out dated and need refreshing. Now with all the updates to Google, Bing and Yahoo and the fast paced internet world we all want our updates and content fast and I mean we want them Yesterday fast.

What George Brown does is he updates the entire package and it could take 6 months to a year or even longer to see the new product and have your fresh information and training. I would rather find training if I were you that was constantly updated and has great community support.

You can check out where I found a great community, lots of customer support and my secret to success right here right now and it is 100% free to join!


 Lets do some pro’s and con’s for Google Sniper:


  • Charismatic Teacher in George Brown
  •  The training is mostly relevant
  • $47 per month isn’t terrible if your not on a tight budget



  • No “free to try” options
  • slow updates
  • lack of real community
  • minimal customer support

My conclusion…

All in all your going to get something for your money. This means you are not getting scammed. You may be paying a bit more then what the product is worth but I will let you decide for your self. What I will say is, that it seems to me the best thing Google Sniper has going for it is it’s charismatic and likable leader in the form of George Brown. He personally is a young online advertising entrepreneur with a net worth of likely in the millions. Believe it or not Google Sniper has been sold for years and thousands of people have bought or subscribed to it. I attribute George Brown’s salesmanship to the success.

Google Sniper


Cost: $47/month

Rating: 82/100


If your looking for real online money making success you can join me free to try where the training, customer support and community base are 2nd to none. Please stop in and say hi to me now! Only an email required.

If you have any questions at all please do leave me a comment. I would appreciate it greatly. Just remember when you are well long your road to success that you do me a favor and pay it forward as well. Thank you and have a great day!


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20 thoughts on “Is Google Sniper By George Brown A Scam?

  1. I have never heard of Google Sniper but I am glad I have now and read your review.

    It sounds like Google Sniper is pretty descent, but in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate, which is also only $47/mo, provides all the above but stays up to date and has an awesome community.

    To our success!

  2. I actually bought google sniper before finding out about Wealthy Affiliate. I refunded it because I felt George Brown promised way more in the sales video than was actually provided. He made it seem like starting an online business is an easy process.
    This review does a good job at outlining what google sniper is, and provides a better alternative!

  3. Hi Anthony,
    I never knew what that Google sniper was but your article “Is Google Sniper By George Brown A Scam?”, tells it all. I will stay away from Google sniper. thanks

  4. I carefully researched this product before I joined WA. A lot of people were upset because the information was outdated. I’m glad you brought out that he has updated the information, but it takes forever for him to do it. By the time he updates it, the techniques he is recommending is irrelevant.

    Also, from what I gathered, GS is about shortcuts to getting your website ranked on Google so you can rake it in with Adwords. That is a huge no no. You may as well just snipe yourself, because once Google finds out what you’re doing, you are so screwed.

  5. Hi, Nice review 🙂 it’s great to have review sites like this to know where all the pitfalls are with some of these programs, certainly has made me decide. Really useful site will be checking back 🙂

  6. hey anthony, this review was much needed and i definitley learned alot. There are so many things online that try to be like WA but will never come close, this review illustrates exactly why you should try out wealthy affiliates and stay away from other copy cats

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