The Importance Of Keywords In Website Content Creation

The Importance Of Keywords In Website Content Creation

You guys may be wondering why keyword density and SEO optimization is SO important for creating a successful website and building a revisiting traffic base. Check out the whole article to get the the importance of keywords in website content creation and SEO within The Importance Of Keywords In Website Content Creationyour own articles as well as the various tools to help you with this.

Remember a website is only as good as it’s content in every meaning of the phrase. You can have keywords that are one word or a complete phrase. If you want to get ranked on google at all you will need SEO optimized articles by having a great keyword density of 2-5%.

How do I know if I’m getting great keyword density?

You can use plugins or any website that you can trust to find your perfect keyword density. If you want you can also use things like Jaaxy to find high quality keywords and a list from basic keywords you input, they have a free trial.

A few websites for keyword density checking are:

Like I said before you can always use plugins such as All-in-one Seo or my personal favorite to check your keyword density is SEO by Yoast. You can find these via WordPress plugins and it’s amazing to try them.

The Myths of Keyword Density

When creating keyword density articles, you are sometimes told that 2% is a great keyword density, but remember you will not have a SET density range besides having it at LEAST 2% keyword density, all websites are different due to the keyword being a different type.

An example of a keyword that has no meaning even if you have 10% keyword density and it’s used 200 times in your 2000 word article would be “espresso”. You will be listing different types of espresso so this won’t be a positive keyword. If you have a 3% keyword density of Hot strong espresso, it’ll prove you more use as it is narrowing down things for the search engine toSEO Keywords find. You want to use keyword density and SEO article tools at all times with your articles for whatever subject your website is on.

I am certain if you could get more viewers per day you would actually start paying attention more and more to keyword density.

Another myth is keyword density is the only way you will be ranked high in Google or any other search engine. This, of course, is complete false to say the least. There are so many more factors on and off the website that contend with getting you ranked higher on the search engine platform. Remember a SEO article doesn’t just mean it has a high keyword density, it also checks to see if all the content is related to such keyword.

That is why I use Jaaxy for all my keyword needs, they give a list of other keywords from your keyword that will relate to the keyword you gave them. You will then be able to use the list of keywords given to you by them.

NOTE: You can always download the keyword file


This type of keyword relativity is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Meaning that the other keywords are also strongly CONNECTED to your keyword that you have. It can lower your overall keyword density, but will automatically give you a higher rank based on the keyword relativity.

An example:

Keyword: Apple

Related Keywords: Fruit , Pie, and any type of apple(Green, Red, Granny smith)

You will need your titles and headings with your keyword implemented for maximum density and LSI.

You don’t want to have a title that says Popcorn, when your keyword is Apple.

The many uses of Granny Smith Apples.

Everyone of your headings used should have at least a related keyword to Apple.

How do I slice the apples for my pies?

Now this is all great information, but how would I get high keyword density and LSI?

You must make everything sound natural, you don’t want to blab on and on about the same things. For instance, you don’t want to spam type APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE. You want to make sure the apple has amazing context with tons of related keywords within it.

I had found a lovely granny smith apple while searching through my fruit basket in my apple field.

You want to make everything seem natural when using high-density keywords and LSI. You don’t want to make it sound so repetitive that it makes sense, just is annoying to the reader themselves, then they auto-label you as failed content creators.

Blue is a wonderful shade of blue. I love blue flowers with hints of blue pedals flying up toward the blue sky. I want to see my wives beautiful blue eyes looking into the blue ocean and watching the blue whales eat the blue grass on the other side under the blue shading of the rainbow…I went to a blues musician asking for a blue magerita to share while on his blue deck near the blue ocean of the Blue Lagoon.

This is a 1 paragraph I wrote off the top of my head to focus on keyword density and how it actually doesn’t make too much sense. This is 18.37% keyword density on BLUE. Yes,this is also a great example on LSI due to it’s related keywords to BLUE.

What I personally used to help me write this article is Jaaxy, the #1 keyword tool give it a try for free.


I do hope this article does help you in every way possible for you SEO optimized websites. If you have any questions you can always ask me in the comments below. Also the secret to my success for all things involving internet marketing, website development and online business can be found in my #1 review here. Just remember when you are well long your road to success that you do me a favor and pay it forward as well. Thank you and have a great day!


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  1. Thanks for this info.

    In the past I was trying to write some articles to put on the internet and when there were no visitors coming I started to ask why. With the exception of my SEO not being up to scratch the biggest issue was the lack of understanding in the use of keywords.

    There is some sound advice here.



  2. This is great, I learned a lot about this article. I have been using Jaaxy for quite some time but honestly I still disregard some important keywords that does not seem to make any sense. I never knew they could still be useful for LSI. Looks like I still have a lot to learn. Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Thanks for this great information about keywords. I have signed up to Jaxy, but I have not used it much yet. Do you think it is significantly better than Wealthy Affiliate’s built-in keyword tool? I’ve mostly been using that so far.

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