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Transform Your Business from the Physical to the Digital

Web Development and Web Design

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Transform Your Business from the Physical to the Digital

Web Development and Web Design

Just Getting Started?

Transitioning your business to the vast realm of the digital world can be daunting, but worry not. With our Basic Plan, we provide the ideal digital launchpad to set your brand’s online trajectory.

Whether it’s your first step into the online arena or an upgrade to your existing digital footprint, our comprehensive package is tailored to meet those initial needs.

Remember, every great online journey begins with a single, well-crafted step. Let us be the architects of that pivotal move.

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The Digital Launchpad

Embark on your digital journey with our most sought-after Basic Plan. Crafted for effectiveness, it combines bespoke website design, stunning imagery, and regular upkeep to ensure your online presence shines.

Basic Web Creation

Converting your physical business into a dynamic digital presence with ease.

$600 $350
  • Responsive Site : $300 Value
  • SEO Optimized : $400 Value
  • Stock Photograph : $100 Value
  • Top Level Design : $300 Value
  • Wordpress Site (Allows the OPTION to Code) : $200 Value
  • Text Ideas : $50
  • Total Value : $1,350

Basic Maintenance

Reliable hosting and swift maintenance for peak site performance.

$ 75 Month
  • Fastest Hosting : $35 Value
  • Real-Time Edits : $100 Value
  • Backlink Builder (1 Organic Backlink a Month) : $300 Value
  • Security Updates : $50 Value
  • Domain Name: $5
  • Speed Improvements : $100
  • Step By Step Online Strategies : $500
  • Total Value : $1090

Comparative Pricing for Online Website Design

$ 0
$ 0

Website creation at agencies is a detailed process, reflecting the balance of design, development, and tailored strategy. Agency pricing isn’t just about software or tools, but the expertise and experience of a dedicated team. Quality web design requires in-depth research, advanced tools, and adaptation to the ever-changing digital realm. The end product is not only functional but competitive and user-centric, justifying the premium investment.

Website creation in agencies involves a blend of design, development, and strategic planning. The cost isn’t solely about tools but the expertise of a skilled team. Through thorough research and using advanced tools, agencies ensure a site is both competitive and user-focused, making the investment worthwhile.

Comparative Pricing for SEO per MONTH

$ 0
$ 0

SEO at agencies goes beyond keywords, encompassing research, competitive analysis, and adapting to algorithm changes. The cost reflects the expertise of dedicated pros who ensure high rankings and visibility. The investment in SEO prioritizes traffic and user engagement, crucial for businesses seeking digital standing.


What Clients Say

Our clients applaud our dedication to excellence and innovative approach. Their testimonials attest to our unwavering commitment to creating standout digital experiences

Jimmy is amazing! He has done an excellent job creating and managing my website and assisting with many technology issues that I have encountered. He is reliable and very prompt with responding. I highly recommend him.

Veronica Lane Pelvic Floor Therapy

Without Jimmy, we would not have had a user-friendly website that showed our true brand or services. He was extremely patient and helpful in explaining the steps necessary to be successful. He is easy to communicate with and makes changes quickly. He is knowledgeable in this field and would recommend him to anyone looking for website creation and design.

Brianne Hollandsworth Lymphologists

Jimmy does a great job with maintaining and creating websites. He built one for my lawn business and it really helped out this year with getting noticed by the surrounding areas! I highly recommend him!

Kyle Fulhorst Landscaper
Your Digital Navigator

Let me be your digital guide. As a business owner, your time is valuable. While platforms like Wix and Squarespace offer easy-to-use interfaces, mastering them still demands time and effort, potentially at the cost of your online presence. These tools limit customization, hindering unique website features. In contrast, WordPress with Elementor is user-friendly and offers greater flexibility. Remember, creating a website is just the start; without promotion, it’s essentially useless. With my current promotion, there’s every reason to choose my services.

Jimmy Peskar The Online Business Pioneer

Thinking about saving a little money and doing it yourself?

Web Development Saint Louis
Digital presence

Do you know how to promote your brand online, including the benefits of Google Ads versus Facebook Ads, or how Rumble Ads are more cost-effective than YouTube Ads? Understanding online advertising is crucial, as the primary purpose of creating a website is for online advertising.

Small Business Web Development
Analytics and Performance Tracking:

Can you analyze your data? Do you understand what bounce rate means? Do you know how to optimize a landing page for better performance? Are you familiar with strategies to upsell products effectively for maximum results?

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